BJH Logistics provides customs clearance services to ensure that their customers' goods are released on time. With our own customs broker license, we can guarantee timely cargo release for imports and exports on a global scale. Our worldwide network brokerage enables us to support import and export globalization for their customers. By relying on BJH Logistics for customs clearance services, customers can be assured of a smooth and hassle-free process that adheres to all relevant regulations and requirements. BJH Logistics provides a range of related services such as preparing accurate and complete documentation for customs, pre-custom entry and clearance, acting as an import and export agent, and performing quarantine and fumigant, plant, and commodity inspections. These services help ensure that customers' shipments comply with regulations and are cleared for timely delivery.

The benefits of our services to our valued customers include the following:

✓ Ensures timely release of goods
✓ Saves time and effort in customs clearance
✓ Global scale support for import and export
✓ Accurate and complete documentation for customs

✓ Pre-custom entry and customs clearance
✓ Import and export as an agent
✓ Quarantine and fumigant, plant and commodity inspection

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